GoPro camera mounted on a cow = CowCam

Martin Leonard, CowSignals Master Trainer (Canada):

interesting in the barn and milking parlor

"Here's a GoPro camera mounted on a cow’s muzzle. It gives the point of view from the animal’s perspective which is particularly interesting in the barn and milking parlor.."

>> This is Martin Leonard

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Ian Rumbles

I have been in the dairy cow business for a lot of years and have seen a lot of pictures and videos of cows.... BUT never from the cows perspective. Interesting. Thank you for the post

Geneva Labrador

As much as this is a cute idea, it definitely does not show the point of view of a cow, since the camera was placed between her eyes and cows actually have a ~330 degree field of vision (She must be on the lookout for her predator).

Carlos Santiago

Is interesting to see the perspective of cow on a normal day, even with the risks. Good video. Congratulation

Jens Ole Christiansen

I agree with Geneva Labrador, and if you like to watch the daily cow-life from a cows perspective, you have to place to cameraes with the same degree field of vision as the cows eyes. Surprised that proffessional cow signal people don´t think about that :-).

Dušan Kořínek

Very nice.

michael madsen

yes ore just give time to fell the cows:D

Anouk Brinkhoff

Some seriously over critical comments in here, give the guy a break, it's a great idea. Well done Martin. Got us all thinking!

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