Fresh cow group one hour after milking

Learn from how they do it in this barn. They have a fresh cow group of 130-140, filmed one hour after milking. A lot of funny UNO's here. Which ones do you see? How many cows are standing? What can you advise?

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Bill Gehm

It would be interesting to see the udders of the cows within one hour after milking. A random sample of 25% would be good.

Tommy Wollesen

This farmer cut earn a lot of more money, just to think the way we do in Cow-Welfare" eating-drinking-laying" if he replace his excisting cubicals to Green Stall easy, the investment would be payed back in 3 month, after a year he would have earned a lot of money, and lowed the cull rate pretty mutch. also renovate the walk ways,

Anouk Brinkhoff

Thanks for your suggestions!

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