Fresh cow group on straw

This fresh cow group has been on straw for 2 weeks. What do you think is good? What is there to be improved?

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it is the best way to rear cows

Peter Havrlant


The cows seem very content resting in the straw and obviously prefer this over the mats. How is the straw hygiene managed in a large facility? How often is turned / replaced? is this cost effective next to stalls with other material such as sand? Is their a hygiene trade off?




what ever the cost is ,it will be dheapeer from the costs of treating mastitis and the cost of of milk.

Joep Driessen

Thanks for your comments!
Strawyard: 6-8 weeks empty it.
Costs are 10 kg straw per cow per day.
Sand beds are also very good.. If good air/ ventilation straw is same risk for mastitis as sand!

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