Free! Whitepaper on Feed

Free! Whitepaper on Feed

This is a series of 7 articles about CowSignals ® to improve health, production and welfare of your cows. Content of the 7 articles: feed, water, light, air, rest, space and health. These articles follow the CowSignals Diamond.

Subject of this article: Feed


[FREE] If you don't eat, you will die. If cows don't eat right, they will get skinny, get wounds and get sick. It will suprise you how many factors are involved in keeping cows healthy with feed. It's not just the quality, but also management and housing. If you don't want your cows to get sick anymore, than start changing. Small improvements will make a big difference

Whitepaper highlights

  • Time management for cows
  • Check feed intake, score your cows
  • Feed space
  • Access routes
  • Grippy floors
  • Feed access
  • Feeding time
  • A cow is not a pig

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