Fertility Signals in Finland

Fertility Signals in Finland

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Photographs by: Sari Hihnala

CowSignals master training Tarja Paatero from Pro Agria is doing a Fertility Signals training in Kalajoki, Finland.

"We had a very good group and we all learned something. The farmer was happy, too ;)
The lux meter in own cellphone (there are several available freely) was a new thing for all these people. You can see it on picture 3. We have compared these cell phone meters to official meters and numbers are so near each other that we use them nowadays in everyday work, too".

That's what we would call a useful tip!


Is she showing heat, do you observe heat, does she become pregnant? Two third of the success is in easy calving and a good start up.
A Fertily Signals workshop can help you with that!

You can contact Tarja for a workshop in Finland
or visit our next open day training: Friday 17 June 2016

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