FeedingSignals: less acidoses and less trouble with good management

A preview on our FeedingSignals training. Here we have an example from one of the farms in Holland we visit during our live training. The farm is reasonable overstocked, but has a 385 calving interval without hormones and without activity meters. It's all about good management!

Good management starts with knowing what cows want:
- 12-14 times feed intake per day
- top quality feed
- easy access to the feeding table
- 1 feeding place per cow
- deep soft beds

Good management also means looking at your cows. So look at their feeding behaviour:
- how many cows are eating?
- How many cows are lifting their head and chewing?
- How many cows are sorting trough their food?
- How many cows are not eating? Look for the ones cruising the back lane and the ones standing in the beds.

Have a look at this video and then watch your own cows. What do you see? What can be improved?

Do you want to learn more? Come to the Netherlands for a Unique Dutch Dairy Experience!

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