Feeding kitchen for 10.000 cows in Shanghai

Here we have a feeding kitchen for 10.000 cows in Shanghai. They use alfalfa hay from America, concentrate and elephant grass. They mix it in big machines of 40 m3. Very professional feeding station in China. What do you think of this? What do you think of Joep's acrobatics?


Practical guide to optimal feeding management and production. This training supports the advisor, the farmer and his staff in doing an excellent job every day, in storing, mixing and feeding a ration that keeps cows healthy and productive.

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Nice acrobatics Joep! The Chinese scale like no one else, importantly what are the results? Production per cow? Animal health?

Alex Nieuwland

the cost of Alfalfa hay is very high in China, at least they know the importancy of feeding fibre. I have no doubt about production, but what is the culling age, that is were challenge and money is. a good start (calf) contributes in this aspect. Next time, wear a jumpsuit!!

Joep Driessen

Impressive results! Only 2 rows and deep soft beds... Still lots to learn, but China is moving fast forward.
2 big success factors.... Enough feed space and excellent resting place!

Challenge and money is also in stress free calving line and stress free stockmanship. China is already better than us in culling rate on the large dairies... because of better design, management and higher labour input (1 man per 30 cows...)

Dr. ali

Impressive feedstation. What was their feeding regime and what is left over from milking herd? Do they do TMR auditing to check for particle sizing?


Ya interesting but how about the cost of feed work outs .... also what will be the protein ratio of the the feed ? found in this preparation ... will it meet cows nutritional management


Joep Driessen

All good questions… china cost price for milk is around 44 cents per liter, because of high costs of imported feed and transport of manure…

Look at our next movies about china…. You will be impressed. Very professional management on the 3 top farms (more than 100.000 cows per farm group, max 20.000 on one location…)

Joep Driessen

For example: http://www.cowsignals.com/blog/have_a_look_at_one_of_the_biggest_farms_in_the_world

Dr P S Oberoi

Long term sustainability of such mega dairy production system has to be looked in.

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