Farting cows cause explosion in Germany

Farting cows cause explosion in Germany

Farmers are better off by keeping their cows freeranging, well at least once in a while, not only for cow-comfort but also for maintenance of the stable. In Rasdorf, Germany, an explosion occurred in a stable with 90 cows.

The farts of the cows are the cause of this explosion, whereby the rooftop was blown off and one cow got injured. There was a huge amount of methane gas (from the farts) in the stable, and a spark of one of the machines set the whole thing on fire, plus an explosion.

Source: Volkskrant/ANP

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Joep Driessen

Methane (highly inflammable) comes out of the front side of the cow.....Burping.... not Farting...
journalist did not understand the whole story...

Manure also gives ammonia and CO and S2 and other gasses.

Clue is: ventilation of the barn is important... especially for having healthy air and also dry air to dry beds and floors.

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