Farmer is inseminating his heifers standing free in pasture

Amazing: this dutch farmer is inseminating his heiffers standing free in pasture or straw yard... Stress-free stockmanship training can learn you how to do this! Have you ever seen anything like it? (video quality is less then average for this particular video, but we did not want to exclude everyone from seeing this...).

So tell us, how do you like way of inseminating?

Stress-free stockmanship day training

We teach how to look and think from the cow’s point of view. How does she experience things? What makes her insecure? What are risk areas, where you need to be extra careful? We show you how to handle and move cows without any stress. We teach you to step back.

Next open day training Stress-free stockmanship: Wednesday 22 June 2016

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Prof. (Dr.) M.P. Yadav

It is really interesting to see the expertise and confidence of the farmer inseminating his cow in the pasture, but there is question of veterinary ethics and requirements of the country. In my personal opinion , this can not be recommended in developing countries at least.


Amazing stuff. But it also shows what bonding with your animals can achieve. Just see how the other cow snuggles to him while he is inseminating. That bond is unbelievable.


excelent the farmer must be very friendly to his animals to acheave this!

Anouk Brinkhoff

Thanks for your positive reactions! And thanks for Prof. Yadav for your critical addition.

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