Extreme CowBarn Make-over!

Extreme CowBarn Make-over!

Extreme CowBarn make-over. Look at the pictures from before and after. What differences do you notice?

Do you want cows as happy as in the after picture? Go for deep beds. It will change your life and the cows life: 1-2 more lactations is the result. Start with making 5 deep beds today, to learn how it works!

Pictures: Certified CowSignals trainer Luuk Reisenweber

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Dr.Rami Hamad

The sitting area has no matts, only concrete which is painful as the saw on top is not enough, plus the slope is not enough plus the stall is longer than it should be as the cow should be deficating in the lane but the pictures show they are deficating in the stall.
The solution covered part of the problem only as the stall is still long.
This again points out to the main problem in the dairy Industry which is the copy-paste issue instead of addressing what's needed on this barn.

Dr.Rami Hamad

.... And just before anyone says I didn't see the cows are now sitting and relaxed on sand not like before, surely I see that but I'm worried about cleaning the manure dropping on the sand instead of the lane.
I wonder before this upgrade how many cows slipped and fell in the wet concrete stalls and his Mastitis percent.


concret is not the best .but using bedding with it is more comfartable


I think a solution may have been a quality mattress with HD foam and water proof top cover and then adjust the neck rail.
I am sure lower investment for better result.
Modification looks like a big problem coming as soon as the sand beds get contaminated and wet from poor neck rail adjustment. What about the extra investment required now to manage the apprpx 18 kg sand per day dragged into the cow lanes? That don't come cheap!!

Dr. Tarek Helali

I see also the cows are cleaner after the deep bedding installation

Joep Driessen

Hi, there are many ways to take care and to make money! We see resting time in 2 meter long beds are top of the world…. More resting is more feed intake is more resistance is less disease (see movie flex neckrail switserland http://www.cowsignals.com/blog/if_you_want_your_cows_comfortable_in_their_cublicles_this_is_wh)

Matresses: almost always less resting time and lots more hock wounds, is less resistance, more disease less lifetime….. less money.!!

Cost of sand are relatively low. The work has to be planned and organised… That is the biggest chalange.. also the maintenance on scrapers need to be scheduled (2 x year?)

Sand went from 7 euro to 12 euro lately in Holland. Still relatively cheap. Most use only 6 kilo (instead of 20 kg) per day and do manual cleaning 2-3 times daily!

Please come to our 4 day training in Holland and get inspired! Or start with our excellent online video program: http://www.cowsignals.com/video_courses/

michael emdal madsen

hej i think now ,,,that sice a cow sout haw.... one think for that i see , some cows go best down left side and all muskler is relaxing that s way bold runding faster wen the relxing, in a good dry evt, kokus bed. and the kill bakteria ,and bio clening them and deleviring new 1 mdr. alalyse abut grund b,sje,blåstenovs , that is missing in grund , and giv the pigs friss green ore spagmund , it is suggen cling and happe animals , happy boss happy workers! if i haw mony car and kredit , i well like too help all i can doo! pleass i haw ADHD alwars bin i agriculture.

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