Excellent results with this new barn

CowSignals trainer and Vetvice barn designer Bertjan Westerlaan shows us around on this new farm in Dorset, UK.

It's a 2 + 2 row barn with head to head cubicles, 200 in total. They have a flush flume system for the sand handling and seperation area. The swing over (22/11) milking parlor was converted to a double 12 (24/24) herringbone and the holding area was enlarged as well. Vetvice barn design has provided advice and detailed drawings for the new barn. Vetvice barn design offers advice based on the CowSignals principles.

The results are excellent:

  • 34 liters average at the moment
  • only one cow with digital dermititis
  • 2 cases of mastitis this summer
  • cleaner cows
  • higher intake
  • more lying in
  • easier routine for farmers

The flush flume system works very well, good seperation of sand, resulting in no sand in the manure pit.

Happy cows & Happy farmers

Congratulations to the Bennet family!

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