Excellent and not so good

Overstocking vs no overstocking

The first video is of very successful Dutch dairy farmer Harrie Neijmeier. 120 cows, 2 robots, sand beds, stress free calving line. Last year 17 cows left the herd with an average lifetime production of 67.000 litres. Big success factors are the soft sand beds, 70 cm feed space per cow and a stress free calving line. Excellent light and air. Happy cows, happy farmer! Do you want to know more: contact Bertjan Westerlaan from Vetvice.

To compare: overstocking
Lack of feed space, lack of deep soft beds: 5 litres per cow per day less compared to our cow and farmer friendly Vetvice dairy-logix barn concept.

What are you gonna build?

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Petro Pelgrum

For the first video, make compact food for the cows en only 30% of the cows are coming to the feedbunk.
Moch more peece in the barn en the cows are laing more ours.
Cows are standing only 10 min on the feedbunk en going back to the beds en lay Down.
Better for the hoofs en better producion.
Of course is deepbedding beds the best solution for a cow

Joep Driessen

Thanks for your comments!

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