Example of foot bath - great hoof care!

Example from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Leonie and Anton let their cows pass a foot bath every two weeks, in te morning and in the evening. They use water and fomaldehyde. The cows are not to hapy about it, but they're used to it.

What do you think of their system? Please share your thoughts!

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Brilliant ....I'm very impressed how the bath is set up with the rubber walk way in between.Cow comfort at its best..and the lady who obviously knows about her cows comfort..some farmers don't seem to take care of the cows feet properly which in return results in bad feet.Its the easiest thing to run the girls through every two weeks.they will soon get used to doing it....maybe the waters too cold.especially in the winter time.....just a thought....


In Croatia where i am from, formalehyde is forbiden in animal use, price is acceptable but you cant get it.Also make irritations on eyes and nose.Intrahoof bath is much better solution.

Paul ferrari

Instead of formaldehyde use plain bleach with water it works the same

Han de Laat

Formaldehyde is more and more forbidden in the EU and i presumed that in the Netherlands the product was not used anymore either.....but still some do.....
Do not use Formaldehyde for following reasons :
-Painful on raw lesions. Deliberately walking cows with raw sores through formalin is cruel. This can:
Add to cow stress (infected cows may be reluctant to leave the parlour)
Result in some cows keeping one foot out the bath.
– Carcinogenic (causes cancer - may be banned shortly as a result)
Fumes highly irritant to eyes, nose and mouth. Some people lose their sense of smell
– Thought to make claw horn brittle if used too much at a strong rate
– Evaporates in very hot weather
Less activity when very cold, but warms sufficiently after a few seconds on the feet
Suggesting plan of best Hoofcare appproach via :www.kanters.nl/en with Hoofmix bath, Hoof clear for group treatment or Hoof Gel for individual treatment, for best results ! Success !


It is really a brilliant idea but as it is already mentioned formaldehyde is forbidden in EU. There are a lot of products which are less dengerous ( I think they are lactaldehydes) and more specific. My suggestion is also a bath per week with cooper sulfate.

Walt Guterbock

Looks like a good system. No one needs to handle the formalin except to fill the tank. Formaldehyde can be handled safely in closed systems so that people are not exposed to the fumes. I think its risks are overstated and it is the most effective treatment, but if the regulations forbid its use, it can't be used.


seems a very good way to clean the feet of their cows, it makes foot is more easy and practical, I feel that this does not cause so much stress in cows, since stress causes low production

Joep Driessen

Hi everyone, thanks for your thoughts! About the formaldehyde:
There are alternatives.... Best one is excellent ventilation and clean dry floors.... And excellent beds.
Still need some disinfectants weekly on 200 cow dairy. (daily on 1000 cow dairy?) If you can still use formaldehyde, use it with care! It was also illegal in denmark for a few years, but it came back to the market...they couldnot do without it..


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