Evaluation of Cuddle box after one year

Evaluation of Cuddle box after one year

Rens Mulder, farmer in the Netherlands, build his own cuddle box more than a year ago. He lets us know what he thinks of it after using it for a year:
"It is fantastic! Calves are fit and healthy. When the cow is milked, the calf goes with the box under a lamp and stays there for another day or night. After that, we take them to the single pens under a roof. An idea that I like to share with all of you"

Check below for picture and a video of the single pens and the roof.

Rens'cuddle box

Cuddle box Rens 1.jpg
Cuddle box Rens 2.jpg
Cuddle box Rens 4.jpg
cuddle box Rens 5.jpg

Single pens with roof

calf houses 5.jpg
calf houses 4.jpg
calf houses 3.jpg
calf houses 2.jpg

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below!

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Good job Rens! Good to hear your enthousiasm.
This version on wheels is very nice.
Other solutions in our white paper!
We look forward to see more examples, Please share!

Christoph Peter

Hello, here you find the video from the cuddle-box in Switzerland.
More Informations on www.christophpeter.ch


Nice Job Rens. Low costs and good results!

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