Dutch veterinarians get credits for doing a CowSignals course

Dutch veterinarians get credits for doing a CowSignals course

We're very proud to announce that the first step to integrate CowSignals more in the continuing education of dairy specialists is already taken: Dutch veterinarians can get official credits via CKRD for several courses:

  • Open master course: 31,5 credits
    The open master courses offers you the basics about CowSignals to help you understand all five fields mentioned above. Also, the focus is 50% on PeopleSignals to help you become a better coach and have more impact.

  • Day training à-la-carte: 8 credits per day
    We offer twelve technical day trainings from which you can pick à-la-carte: you choose the day(s) you’re interested in and select your own personalized program. We always have the right fit for you!

  • Video courses: Credits for Online Training
    We have five courses also available as video learning:
    - CowSignals (Credits: 6)
    - PeopleSignals Advisor (Credits: 2)
    - PeopleSignals Trainer (Credits: 3)
    - HoofSignals (Credits: 4,5)
    - YoungStock Signals (Credits: 5)
    You can start them today!

Dutch vets can find more information about continuing education on the website of the KNMvD.

Besides Dutch veterinarians, British farmers and dairy associates can also get acredited via Dairy Pro. You find us on their event calendar. We're also working on accreditation for other groups and countries. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to us by e-mail.

You are invited

We value the expertise from specialists a lot! However, we want to invite you to also become a generalist. We need advisors in the dairy sector who understand all fields:

  • Health
  • Feeding
  • Housing
  • Management
  • Economics

Together we can do a better job. We can give dairy producers a better understanding of all factors involved in cow management. We can motivate them to do things differently. We can create a more sustainable world with less disease and a longer life for cows.

CowSignals® Training offers a great addition to the knowledge you already have. It broadens your view and helps you become a better advisor. we offer very useful courses that all dairy specialists can use as continuing education.

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