Dutch Udderhealth Award winner Anton Ijsseldijk is a proud man

Dutch Udderhealth Award winner Anton Ijsseldijk is a proud man

Only 1 cow with mastitis last year out of 110 cows.

Incredible results, Dutch average is 26% mastitis. That means 26 cases of antibiotic treatment per 100 cows per year.

Why is Anton Ijsseldijk so successful?

He is a smart and good manager and he built a excellent barn based on CowSignals. He designed a barn with maximum ventilation, sand beds, en stress free calving line. He was inspired after visiting our Vetvice barn design day and consulted Nico Vreeburg, one of our barn designers.

Our Vetvice Dairy-logix Robot farm concept also won the prestigious innovation award in Ontario in 2013. His success factors are soft deep sand beds, maximum ventilation, no side walls, only curtains and stress free calving line. The dry cows have a maximum comfort and minimum stress and the have a walk out for extra exercise. They calf direct next to the group in a clean straw pen and can start up easily. His cows also have 1 feeding and resting place per cow, so cows can eat and rest as much as they want.

He has got 2 Lely milk robots and a automatic Trioliet feeding system for 5 times a day fresh feeding. We congratulate Anton Ijsseldijk and all his cows with this tremendous result.

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