Dry cow signals - How many cows are standing and not resting?

Dry cow signals. What can we improve?? Too much standing, lack of feed space: 85 cm per cow needed... What do you think? We love your feedback, thanks.

Dry to fresh

Our training course starts with the drying-off day and ends 4 weeks after calving. We explain dry period management from a variety of angles. We approach it from the perspective of a manager of a large farm and we identify with the person who has to do the work. Most importantly, we put ourselves in the position of the cow: what does she need for a good start to lactation?

Next open day training Dry to fresh: Thursday 16 June 2016

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Steffen Elmer

It's a dark stable, the beds are newly bedded so the cows have been stressed around


Lack of sawdust depth an issue but probably returned after major disappointment at lack of feed at the barrier!

Jim Van Patter

Put them on sand , and put some feed down for them. More important for the pre fresh dry cows never to run out of feed.


Yes, it really is enough space at the trough, feeding only distrib- uted to the length of the trough and then nothing missing to the satisfaction (not only cows).

joe obrien

It is alot better than what in currently been promoted in Ireland.
The system of expansion now is an open topless cubicle, was an open pad previouslY!!!! Often with absolutely no shelter been provided but a electric fence!!!!!! Even the feed barrier is now electicfied ie single strand above cows heads.
It is suppose to be the new solution to volitily and expansion as it is low cost.
What do ye think
There is much wrong with what I saw in comparsion to what I have just mentioned, apart from needing more feed to be put infront of cows

Ruud Simmelink

When they use the entire feed table and improve the bedding (make them longer and perhaps more comfortable), the situation should improve tremendously.

Zoe Manning

The beds do not look deep enough. Maybe they also need to be longer. Also a Big problem is the lack of feed available, most of the cows are unable to get to the big pile of straw, as it is blocked by other cows.

Joep driessen

All very tru...
New barn was build at this time.... Full house , only one cross over, lack of feed space , to many standing cows...
Same story on 80% of the herds.....

Thanks for sharing the message and thanks for your
Kinde regards Joep

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