Don't miss these youngstock signals

Don't miss these youngstock signals

What do you see, what do you hear? What can be the reason?
70 days milk in individual pen.

Our thoughts

The calves had no fiber for 77 days, only concentrate and milk.
They stayed in individual pens with no direct contact with other calves.
They could all see each other but no physical contact.

You see pipe biting. Also we saw wood panel eating: they had a lack of fiber.
Highly recomended is hay or straw next to concentrate and milk.

Grouping with couples can be another step ahead.

Please share your thoughts as well!

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Comments (7)


I agree with you, fiber is needed to become a ruminant and a good milking cow! Hay means also something to do for the little ones, now they have not much to do and a couple of them are eating those pipes there. Is the feeding table also a bit difficult for the calves to eat? At least there are very few calves eating there in the other groups as well. They scream because they're hungry and don't know that they should eat from the feeding table, 'cause the feed there is not familiar (and possibly difficult to reach) to them.

Hokan Ekman

Actually, to keep calves for so long time in i dividual pension ought to be forbidden. A cow is a herd animal which need contacts with the other calves. IF you keep them individual you Will most likely get diarrheras When you put them together afterwords as they need to get in range.

Campare IT with a human child. Keep them at home, never mest other kids and you Will ser that they Keep very healthy. Then put them i school and let them mest other kids. There will be No succés but alot of problems. ;)

Joep Driessen

Thanks for your thoughts both!

Steffen Elmer

I do not belive the calves need fiber at this age, I would say that they have changed group and feed at the same time.
The concentrate should follow them in the groups for at least 3 weeks.
We the calves have received lots of milk and good concentrate and no hay they do no make a lot of noise.

manuel figueiredo

no food ... it seems that they are starving .... or at least time to feed is delayed


Maybe they need some probiotics , an animal housing system made by Probiotics, which is based on the repeated spreading of probiotics in indoor booths. An initial layer of litter is spread for the animals for using a bedding material and defecating in, PANGOO Biobed effectively and timely decomposes waste and converts it into bacterial protein, keeps the bed fresh for animals. So, somebody call Biobed as a Fermenting bed. It is more suitable for big farms


I see strong anxiety, perhaps a crap or disturbing appetite. Probably lack of food, but others are calm.

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