Do you see these early signs of lameness?

Please tell us what you see!


Our cows’ hooves are the weakest link in their health and welfare. Cows that become lame - even slightly - will eat, drink and lie down less. They will therefore produce less milk and it will be more difficult to get them in calf. Plus they will need additional attention and work on an ongoing basis. Learn how to focus on prevention, so your time won't be consumed by the treatment of lame cows anymore.

Next open day training Hoof Signals: Tuesday 14 June 2016

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Laminitis (based front hoof)
Time for trimming? claws should be more straight!


Muscle trembling frontlegs front cow, changing balance hindlegs slightly kicking hindlegs forwards outward turning hindlegs


Cows appear a little uncomfortable standing. Build up of manure high up on the claw. Slight swelling of the soft tissue above the hoof. the claws appear longer than they should be.


I saw a little bit swellen hooves. Is it right? after trimming hooves, we can see more sharp hooves. hooves on video are looks like round swellen hooves because of manure or water

Joep Driessen

Good ovservations! Most clear is the tap dancing: moving from one to the other back leg of at least 2 cows. This is often due to pain! Mortelaro and soon after: laminitis by overpressure of the healthy hoof...

Carsten Houmann

I see generel swollen crown edge on most of the cows and it seem to go up to the hock.
It could bee mycotoxin an after a few days the feed uptake will go down. The cows will loose weight and became lame.
It is not only a Cowsignal - it is a Herdsignal

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