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Old but gold: a few years ago, Dairy farmer Jannes Sieger Stelling tweeted this video. It explains how cow behavior is affected by the behavior of the milker and by the facilities that are used. We really love this video!
Just watch it and let us know what you think on this matter!

Do you know someone who could benefit from learning to handle their cows with a little more finesse? Send them the link to this video, or better: refer them to our online Stress-free Stockmanship course!

E-learning: Stress-free Stockmanship

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Always Learn! The feed is only part of the success story of dairy farming! First seminars in Greece were very interesting for the farmers.


Thank You very much for that video that confirmes antistress behavior as the main management tip!
To make money is to know world of the cow!
The best worker has to be the owner! Big stables- big chalange to train the people.

Neil Howie

The video is an excellent resource, presenting well researched information in ways which can be applied in designing and adapting milking facilities, and in staff training.
Anybody thinking of investing in dairy facilities should watch this.
And, all dairies would benefit from making this video part of their induction for new staff, however experienced they claim to be. They are likely to learn, and it would lay down benchmarks for reasonable behaviour which can be expected by the employer.Anyone who does not feel positive about this video probably should not be working with cows.

John Moran

This is an excellent video highlighting the principles of stress free handling of free grazing dairy cows into the milking parlour twice each day. However this does not take place in large areas of the world, such as in Asia, where population densities prohibit providing space to let cows freely roam the pastures . With 40% of world's cows living in Asian dairy sheds, with many of them tied up 24 hours each day, cows have a different comprehension of stress that the ones depicted in this video. I have written a book (called Cow Talk and is freely downloadable on outlining the key principles of cow welfare and stress free handling in tie stalls and free stall sheds. Happy reading!


Always cows learn us more & more .
COW LOGO " Take me as you live your own perfect life as well".

Joep Driessen

Thanks for all the responses! Good to read you appreciate the video :)

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