CowSignals success: 5 kg milk more per cow per day

CowSignals success: 5 kg milk more per cow per day

Brentridge Holsteins Ltd

Brent Pike represents the four generation of farmers on Brentridge Holsteins Ltd farm, which is located in Ingersoll Ontario. Brent milks 45 Holstein cows at his farm.

In February 2015, the owner hosted a CowSignals session at his farm. Following that formation, he decided to feed more TMR to his milking cow, push the feed more often and also close the end door on his barn in order to keep the efficiency of his fan.Since these change many improvement have been noted:

When I close the end door I notice that cows use the barn more evenly. Since I have increase the amount of TMR and the frequency at which I push the feed we have observe an increase of 5 kg of milk per cow per day.

Purina Proactiv

Purina Proactiv is an information center to help you make more profit with happy cows by Purina Canada. Their people are trained CowSignals masters and advisors and part of their initiative are regular CowSignals workshops in Canada.
We're very proud to have them on board!

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