CowSignals now also trains cows directly

CowSignals now also trains cows directly

For years CowSignals has only been educating farmers, advisors and trainers. From now on the trainings will also be available for the main target group of the company - dairy cows.

Maggie44 is among the first group being trained. "Frankly, I never understood why only the farmer is being trained, while we have to do all the work. I was pretty fed up with the situation and am very pleased that CowSignals finally decided to also organize training days for us as well.".

Thought it proved quite a challenge to get all the cows in the cars for the excursion to a farm closeby, CowSignals owner Joep Driessen calls that just a 'growing pain' that he expects to have solved befor the next cow training. "All together, I can say I'm very pleased with how the day went. I think we really made a big step here in our education on animal welfare. I expect there will be a lot of applications for our next open day trainings".

The next open day training will be on June 13th.

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