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Thanks to the Dairy Development Program from FrieslandCampina we had the opportunity to train 15 new master trainers from Indonesia, Nigeria, Roemenia, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand. They are now ready to spread the new knowledge and insights in their own country. Great addition to our trainers team!

The training was held in Indonesia. Here are some videos we shot:

Can she stand up easily?

This is something we do in all our workshops, all over the world. Let a cow stand up and see what is bothering her. What can be improved here? If you look at your own farm, or at your clients' farms, what could be improved there? Please share your tips!


They show how they use the manure for biogas. What do you think of this system? Please share your thoughts!

10 cow tie-stall

One of the farms that we visited for a workshop. What do you see? What do you like? How can they improve? Please share below!

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Comments (3)

Dr Imtiaz

Most of signals shows.
Cow is in discomfort like in the stall uneasy to stand up as she wished. Secondly free stall could be optimized for soft bedding to ensure high productivity.
Waiting for your response and feed back.

Lucy W. Mwaura

1.Can she stand up easily?
No because she doesnt have enough head swing space due to the metal bar infront and the wall at the front legs.
2. Biogas - a very brilliant idea.
3. From my experience after the training i underwent last year in Netherlands mattresses are no good at all. Deep strawbeds are the best to lie on and keep the cows dry.

Joep Driessen

Thanks for the feedback both!

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