CowSignals in Denmark

CowSignals in Denmark

CowSignals in Denmark. What should be changed in your country?

New legislation is changing dairy farming.
RESET the mindset: Rules, Education, Social pressure, Economy, Tools.
CowSignals training company is taking care of 3 of those.

See below the new RULES:
The following is covering all Danish Dairy cow barns from the 1'th of july 2014:

1. There is a rule about one bed per dairy cow
2. Dairy cows and heifers must have access to feed in a minimum of 20 out of 24 hours during the day - this does not take place during the drying off.
Feeding with only straw and water during the drying of may not take place
3. Cows can only drink from open troughs - so water cups are no longer permitted
4. Sick and wounded animals must be separated from others and should be checked twice daily
5. The Sick pen can not be used as a calving pen
6. The newborn calf must be with the mother for the first 12 hours after birth

In 2016 the following rules will also be stated:

1. Fresh cows should for the first 12 days after calving have one place at the feeding bunk area. For a Holstein or similar this is 70 cm - a jersey is 65 cm
2. Dairy cows should have a cow brush - one brush per 50 animals is sufficient. Young stock needs a brush too. One brush per group here is enough.

What should be changed in your country?

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