CowSignals Cuddle Box used by farmer Pieter Kuier

Cuddle box from Pieter Kuier and his son is used a lot!
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"Cow has just calved and the calf is put in our cuddle box. The cow get's Revita cow drink right away. In the meantime we milk her for first colostrum. We want to give the colostrum to the calf withing the first hour. We also throw some feed on the calf and in the box, so the cow will eat right away. This way we hope to get a handle on cryptosporidium".

Cuddle box Pieter Kuier en zoon.jpg

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Looks like an excellent way to avoid snatch-calving but protect the calf from picking up disease from the dam. How long is the calf left in the box? does it have the space to stand easily, without getting stressed? it appears the cow is within a calving pen with other cows, presumably due to calve soon. How do you prevent the other cows from trying to access the calf in the box and potentially causing stress to the freshly calved dam?

Joep Driessen

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your comment, excellent questions!
See our free whitepaper 'CowSignals Cuddle Box' for answers and more information:

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