CowSignals Coffee Break

CowSignals Coffee Break

Smart managers educate their staff…

CowSignals CoffeeBreak, to get more happy cows, happy farmers & happy consumers.. Only 1 less sick cow will repay the cost of 5 hours online video learning. Just 5 minutes online video learning with your staff every Monday, will motivate them to do a better job!

What is the CowSignals Coffeebreak?

  • First, you buy a licence for CowSignals online video training

    Only 1 less sick cow will repay the cost of 5 hours online video learning

  • Then watch 5 minutes of online video training together with YOUR STAFF, every monday during your coffee break
  • It will motivate your staff and help them to do a better job
  • There are 5 hours of video training online. So can have 60 CowSignals coffee breaks..

Yes, I want to start training my staff

Just enroll the CowSignals Training or producer programm. Click here to do so.
It's very easy and quickly done.


Please don't hesitate to post your question here, below. We love your feedback and we will respond as soon as we can. Thank you!

Comments (3)

Mel Eden

It's a brilliant concept. Congratulations from New Zealand.


Mel Eden


these vidos are helpfull but the time is very short for learning from these.I hope that you may be able to extend the time and the show to increas the benifit of them.but good work and good luck.

Lidy den Bieman

Dear Mohamed, please send me a direct mail to Maybe I can help you.
Kind regards, Lidy

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