Cows with longer, productive lives. How can you do it?

Cows with longer, productive lives. How can you do it?

Click on the video below.. and find out HOW to let your cows live longer, productive lives.
(Subtitled in English, spoken in Dutch)

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Camila Vargas

I love your work Joep!
Kind regards

Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy, Animalytics

Great video that explains in simple terms what dairy cows need to safeguard their welfare and ensure a good quality of life, whilst maximising profits for farmers and minimising damage to our planet!

Tim Gibson

fantastic simple video stating just what we all should do but so many forget one or two key elements which can make that whole difference between 4 and 6 lactations per cow

Neil Howie

Lifetime production averages for herds are really easy to generate, recorded herds get a figure for each cow at the end of productive life, so the numbers can be put into rolling annual averages.Non recorded herds multiply av production/cow/yr by no. of calvings for the departing cow. Everybody should do it, costings and nutritional consultants can lead their clients.
UK average, 3 lactations at 7500 l, less than 25000 litres lifetime. It's shocking, but there are herds doing 50,000 plus , where we should go to learn.

Mattia Lucia

Good job Joep, hope to meet you as soon as possible to talk and learn more.


Hi, thank you for a great video, simple, practical and inspiring, well, as all that you do. Oh, and convincing.. Great to watch, too!!! And to hear you speak your language, nice experience.

Joep Driessen

Thank you for your encouraging words. In the online video learning there is all a lot more video training, really exploring the dept of the CowSignals method. Make sure you get the free trial account, at least:

Willem van Weperen

Clear message! Wish all farmers become aware of these principle.

Mohammad Alkhateeb

Very simple yet takes a lot of efforts to do, but the results are so great you forget it takes to much to achieve, one basic thing to understand is cows natural behaviour & sociality, never move cows near to calving alone, always keep it with her mates till you see the legs of the calf coming out. understand how she likes to eat, drink, rest, lie down & goes up.

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