Cow turning around in cubicle- why does she do this?

A part of CowSignals is watching out for funny Signals. Here is one for you!

Look: We have a cow turning around in her cubicle.
Think: Why is she doing this?
Act: What can we do about this?

Please let us know what you think!
Later we'll give a response with our own thoughts.

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It seems dark in the stable and I think this cow wants to see something. That's why she is turning around before lying down.


1.Seems like there is not enough space in the front of this cow/there is something disturbing on the front of her.
2. First three cubicles to the right are wider than the rest of them - this is not small cow and she is still able to turn around.
3. Cow next to her have a lot of space behind while resting, so moving brisket board back might be possible and helpful as well as adjusting the neck rail (if there is any).

Lusson yanick

I think it is more about space for head.

Gerald Golem

I one day while visiting a farm counted 13 cows backed into into a style of freestall like in the video. It was a herd of aprox 100 cows. They were avoiding a very painful impact on a neck rail that was too low. These cows were screaming as loud as they could to the owner to fix the problem. I tried to translate to that owner to the best of my ability. As you may guess this was not a high producing herd just a high stressed herd!

Jackie Jardine

I agree the lighting has something to do with it but she is a Very large cow. So if the back of the stalls are higher (bedding) than the front she would be more comfortable facing out with less pressure on her heart. Perhaps more bedding in the front would be in order

Anouk Brinkhoff

Everyone thank you for your responses!

The problem here is indeed the lack of head space. This means she can't get up if she lays down the right way. So we have a very smart cow here!

The lesson to be learnt here is: no more walls in front of cows!

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