Cow in heat. Which one is it?

Fertility signal video by Richard Knight. Which is the cow in heat? How can you know which one it is? Please tell us what you think, just leave a comment here, thanks!


Is she showing heat, do you observe heat, does she become pregnant? Two third of the success is in easy calving and a good start up.
A Fertily Signals workshop can help you with that!

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Jean Cousineau

The cow with the white face is very active, she doesn't stop for eating and smelling the other cows all the time.

Am i right ?

Have a good day


Katarina Lindvall

I Think it is the black cow, who the cow whit White face follow.

When do you let us know the right anser?



White face cow with pigment around eye, white udder for sure. plus a couple of others. Great video


That one there.


Ben is right.

At least sign your cows with numbers on their back...

Jim McRobert

Hi Richard
What do you use to video the cows


None. The cow with the white face is certainly following and smelling the black cow, which does stop to be smelled. So, both may be starting or ending heat, but neither one has tried to mount. From the speed and angle of the video it is impossible to see the lumbosacral position of either cow. Cows in heat will tilt the pelvis upward...

Then again, maybe the problem is the slick floors. What time span covered this video? Cows seemed to be eating all the time, so can't be more than about 1 hr. I wouldn't make any decisions to breed based on this video alone, unless you never get standing heats because of the facilities.

Funny how much tail movement there is, especially on the far right wall, and too much cow movement overall back and forth along the barn.


The variety of comments confirm that the use of technology like the SCR Heat detection concept can significantly contribute to breeding decisions...
In modern age and time technology can help us a lot....specially as herds get bigger and more people are active on the farm

key Min

So many cow in heat, I think.
Cows in stall bed must be in heat and several active cow.
How can I know? If I see individual cards, I can answer exactly.
is the space for feeding enough?

Annelise Hever

Ben is right and Gershom as well. Besides that, there are other, more interesting cow signals to see. What do you think about space at the feed fence and feed availability and accessability to the feed fence?


Both cow might be on confirm who is on estrus examine them by rectal check. Plus second signs of heat will give you more confident to decide.


It makes me feel very intelligent to write on here - look what I'm asying


I think it is the darker cow, white faced cow is probably just coming into heat or just gone out. It would help to know what has been happening before this video clip.
I would spend time in person in order to be more certain.


how to conceive any repeater heifer with regular heat

Anouk Brinkhoff

Thanks for all the comments! Great that you noticed the feed availability as well! That would make a big difference, probably an extra year of cows lifetime


I would say the white faced cow might be coming in heat since she is the one that keep been restless and following the black cow..the black cow might have been in heat already and almost out since she does not mount her. its hard to say from the video but if you know your cows,you would know their characteristics and behaviour. eg..a not so friendly cow becomes very friendly and keeps on following you. those are the silent heaters.

Neil Howie

I lost attention looking for the bulling cow(s) as I became more interested in how cows avoided walking on the slatted area at the near end of the shed, even queuing single file to do so. That is a big area the cow's do not like to use, where if there was a more acceptable surface ,it is likely the bullers would gather, and make detection easier. I did not see any cow standing to be ridden.


Please, install heat detection system ( like Afiact...) . 30 years ago we have stopped watching for heats...let the machine do the work.

Paweł Knap

1:06 - in right distal corner we have action between black cow and a cow with white head. Because of poor quality of the video I would have rectal checked both of them.

Anouk Brinkhoff

Great observations again, thanks everyone!

Mattia Lucia

Everyone suggest different point of view, but nobody knows witch cow is really in heat, when and how long. let's start with a Syncro protocol

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