Coming up: CowSignals à-la-carte

Coming up: CowSignals à-la-carte

Open day trainings from which you can choose à-la-carte: just pick out the days that you like!

Training for:

  • (feed) advisors
  • vets
  • barn designers
  • fertility experts
  • farmers

Everyone who want to do a better job in working with cows and farmers.

June 7: CowSignals

day training CowSignals.JPG
The basics: look at the body language of the cow and translate into managemend. In this training you learn about the six freedoms of pasture: feed, water, light, air, rest and space. You learn how to get healthy and stress-free cows. End game: prolong your cows longevity from 3 to 5 lactations.

June 8: Stress-free stockmanship

day training stress-free stockmanship.JPG
80% of sick leave on dairy farms is caused by accidents with cattle. These accidents can partly be prevented with more stockmanship training.Chasing cows causes fear, lameness and lower milk production. This is bad for cows and bad for business. Scared animals are unpredictable and that’s where the trouble starts. Farmers that handle cows quietly, have less accidents. Staff that’s in control, will have cows in the milking parlor smoothly and rapidly. Stress-free stockmanship gives everyone on the farm more pleasure and satisfaction.

June 9: Feeding Signals

day training feeding signals.JPG
One third of the cows is not making it in their barns: they have an average lifetime production below 3 lactations.Subclinical rumen acidosis is barely visible, but will weaken you cows, leading to other diseases. In the end, this is cutting cow lives short. Learn to prevent disease by looking at feeding with a broader approach: also include housing and management. Together advisors and farmers can give cows 2 more lactations.

June 13: Hoof Signals

day training HoofSignals.JPG
Our cows’ hooves are the weakest link in their health and welfare. Cows that become lame - even slightly - will eat, drink and lie down less. They will therefore produce less milk and it will be more difficult to get them in calf. Plus they will need additional attention and work on an ongoing basis. Learn how to focus on prevention, so your time won't be consumed by the treatment of lame cows anymore.

June 14: YoungStock Signals

day training YoungStock Signals.JPG
Young stock rearing costs around 3 cent per liter of milk on a well-run farm, as against 5 cent on a poorly run farm. To rear top-quality heifers cheaply and with minimum input of labour, you need to approach every stage of the process correctly. Work logically, carefully and cleverly. This training takes you through the whole process of rearing young stock.

June 15: Fertility Signals

day training Fertility Signals.JPG
Is she showing heat, do you observe heat, does she become pregnant? Two third of the success is in easy calving and a good start up.

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