Coming up: open CowSignals master course in US

Coming up: open CowSignals master course in US

Last year we did our first open master course in Wisconsin, US. Because it was such a succes, we're doing one again!

Do you want to help us:

  • create a more sustainable world?
  • give cows a longer and healthier life?
  • give farmers more working pleasure and income?

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Date: April 19-22, 2016
Subject: Open CowSignals Master course
Language: English
Location: Greenbay, Wisconsin, USA

Aim is to become a successful CowSignals® Master Trainer, a better advisor and a better presenter. Learning from the cows, the trainer, the farmers and eachother. Focus will be 50/50 on CowSignals and PeopleSignals. You will receive a ready to use package with checklist, trainer manual and power point CowSignals.
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About CowSignals training
Master trainerdr. Mark E. Fox wrote a great article in Hoard's Dairyman about CowSignals:
"I attended “Cow Signals/People Signals,” a concentrated training session on how to optimize dairy cow health and sustainability. I spent the training with 13 individuals who shared common interests in the dairy industry. Representing nine different countries, these people gave me a broader perspective on how other regions of the world manage their herds. It was an incredible learning experience for all of us".

"I was immediately impressed as I listened to his (red: Joep Driessen's) presentation on “Cow Signals/People Signals,” a program that he and his colleagues have developed in the Netherlands. His group has a passion for the dairy industry, and they understand that people skills are as essential as cow skills on well-managed farms. Upon arriving to the training center, I was greeted by the other “students,” a super bunch of individuals who were just as fired up about the week as I was. This class consisted of nutritionists, fellow veterinarians, those connected to dairy support industries and others involved in academia. We were also fortunate to have a couple of individuals who currently farm.

It became rapidly apparent, as we visited farms and discussed dairy issues, that the power of shared observation was very important. Sometimes it is refreshing to drop the “binoculars” and look at the big picture. We learned to focus first on observing the herd from a distance. We then moved in more closely to observe cow comfort, walkways, traffic patterns and so forth. Finally, we zeroed in on individual cow observations (body condition, posture, overall cleanliness, rumen fill and so forth). Our group individually documented what we observed and then came together to discuss the positives along with the areas that needed further attention".

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