Colostrum feeding: the sooner the better

Colostrum feeding: the sooner the better

The benefits of feeding colostrum directly after birth

Veterinarian Sam Leadley dedicated last september's calf management newsletter on colostrum feeding. According to research by Canadian scientists, feeding colostrum directly after birth has a big impact on the calf's immune system; much bigger than when feeding colostrum six hours later.

When feeding colostrum directly after birth, much better results were found for:

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Efficiency of antibody absorption
* Volume of antibodies absorbed
* Maximum concentration of antibodies (IgG)
* Prevalence of beneficial bacteria associated with colon mucosa

We are very happy that new research keeps proving the importance of colostrum for calf health. So ladies and gentlemen, no more excuses...Feed your calves colostrum from their own mother, within half an hour after birth! Use the power of nature and prevent diarrhea and respiratory disease.
Not only does fresh colostrum have a positive impact on the absorption of antibodies, it also contains live cells like macrophages, leukocytes, and lymphocytes that boost the calf's immune system. When ingested, they enter the calf's bloodstream through the intestine and can immediately get busy working on its resistance. These useful live cells can only be found in fresh colostrum that has not been frozen or pasteurized.

Make colostrum feeding easy: use a Cuddle Box

To make this process easier, a few years ago we designed the Cuddle Box: this invention won the silver innovation award at EuroTier 2016. The Cuddle Box gives the calf a safe hygienic place within reach of the mother. The mother can lick the calf while being milked, and the first colostrum can be fed to the calf directly after.
It's easy to make a DIY Cuddle Box: check out some of the inventive creations from our clients in the free Cuddle Box Whitepaper:
Free Whitepaper: the CowSignals® Cuddle Box

Do you use a Cuddle Box or similar method after calving? Let us know in the comments, via email ( or on social media! We always love a good story from our community :).

Read the full Attica newsletter here: Calving Ease, september 2019

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