Case study: what is going on in this barn?

Case study: what is going on in this barn?

If you look closely, you see the bumps on the walls. What could have caused that?

The answer can be found when looking inside:

case study lumpy metal answer.jpg

Make sure your cows are not bumping their heads. Cows really need more head space to get up!

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Comments (6)


And what about the light? I wouldn’t call it a barn!


Right, no light. But I don't see any air inlet either. There seems to be an open ridge as outlet, but where does the air come in?


terrible barn, no happy cows inside. Work to do for cow ambassador Joep Driessen!!


no air, no light, no space
1st think to do, it's to cut the "wall"

Joep Driessen

All very good points, thanks for the responses!

Lucy W. Mwaura

Poor farmer, who did such a bad barn design? What a waste. He really has alot to do to rectify the problem especially in terms of head space and air circulation

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