Case study form Africa: how do we keep the cows friendly?

Case study form Africa: how do we keep the cows friendly?

One of our trainers came with the following situation: "During a workshop in Africa the cows where very wild and fierce and we couldn't enter the shed. We asked the participants what could be done better and they came with the following suggestions:

* bringing the housing nearer to human thoroughfares
* having other animals (there were zero grazed goats on one farm) nearby"

The trainer would like to add stress-free stockmanship to the training program. Joep already gave some suggestions, but maybe you have some thoughts for her too. Please share your expertise below, we really appreciate this!

Answer Joep:
Stress-free stockmanship starts with kindness and training young calves trom day 1. Build up trust by a weekly friendly approach, and never abuse that trust with shouting or hitting. Learn cows to be calm and learn cows to be guided (driven). Note that we do not use the word chased here: chasing is bad, guiding with the right angle, position, speed! and timing is good. Also, respect their flight zone and do not take them by surprise, but make sound so they see you first. An open barn is nice, so they already see you coming from the house. Finally, never keep a herd animal alone. So your goat can be a good substitute cow for farmers with one cow only!

Do you want to know more about stress-free stockmanship? June 22 we have an open day training.

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