Case study: what is this Udder Signal?

Case study: what is this Udder Signal?

CowSignals master trainer Frans van Bohemen, Trouw Nutricion has a case study for you on Udder Signals.

"Not yet milked heifers in South Africa, 3 out of 10 have this teat damage on age of 18 months. Some have an angle in the broken crust. Anybody know what it can be?"

Please share your thoughts!

You can contact Frans here.

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Danie Odendaal

Will need more info on the specific environment (area in South Africa) any other signs of disease on other parts of the body like the rest of the skin, tail tip and ears in order to exclude some of the many causes we have for localised or generalised skin conditions like this one under South African conditions. Seen suck teat lesions with sweating sickness but it involve all 4 teats. Do also have ticks that can cause this type of lesion on one teat.

Anouk Brinkhoff

Some additional thoughts from Facebook:
- You might have a heifer that's a sucker ,and is sucking the teats ,we had one and put a ring in its nose
- Bovine herpes mammillitis
- Flies?
--> was my thought to or sucking each other tits, but doesn't like that.
- Sunburn
Great that everybody is sharing their thoughts, together we know more!

Frans van Bohemen

Hi all, the heifers didn't show any other lesions except for the ones shown in the picture. No additional lesions on ears, tail, etc. We initially suspected infection with Trueperella which turned out false. The damage is only done to the skin, not to the teat canal or udder, although probably we won't be able to milk these heifers anymore in the teats that got damaged. It also happens in heifers even younger than 18m. We have seen it in ages as you as 3m. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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