Case study: What are these two bumps?

Case study: What are these two bumps?

Case study brought to you by our trainer Juho Kyntäjä

"I have a UNO for you: In a certain Polish herd, in a tie stall with a lot of leg problems, I noticed two bumps on several cows in almost the same place on the left side. The bumps are solid, under the skin, apart from bones etc and you can move them a bit. We could not find any outward reason for them in the structures, and this place does not touch anything. Later, I discovered similar bumps in the same place in individual animals in some other Polish herds. Later it was reported in the original herd that they disappeared from some cows. What can it be? Lymph nodes? A parasite? "

Suggestions from Joep Driessen: We see this more ofter, likely it is lymph node tissue. 50 years ago we had the Horzel fly in Holland .. Doing this .
What do you think that this is? Please share your thoughts!

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Jan Bloemert

broken ribs

Vadim Pryadko

Subcutaneous lymph nodes, be exact Lymphonodulitis


Their vets like to do injections there.


could it be warble fly? Are maggots coming out of a hole in the middle? Can you squeeze maggots out?

Joep Driessen

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Juho Kyntäjä

Broken ribs - surely not. Injections - hardly so, I did ask the farm manager and he had no idea. Lymph nodes would be my guess as well, but do you know what would cause them to swell in this exact place?


Perhaps there are some infections with apathogene mycobacterium species . let the vet make an excision and send it in a vet laboratory.


I have not reached the age of 50 yet, but I have seen bumps of horzel flies in Holland.
I suggest to take a Fine Needle Aspiration, you will know much more!

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