Case study: overstocking in a small part of the barn

Another case study! Brought to you by CowSignals trainer Mattia Lucia.

"Here you can see a new barn in Italy with an amazing overstocking just in a small area of the barn, the other part is totally empty but same conditions, fans, water and food."

What can be the cause? Please share your suggestions for the farmer!

Mattia works for Alta in Italy.
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how often do you change the cowbed matter?
is the bed size bigger enough
is the cow stand area with some wind?

Joep Driessen

Update on this case:

After Mattia's message, we gave him three suggestions for this case:
- Fresh air
- Ventilators
- Flies (bugs)

This is Mattia's reaction: "It’s my pleasure to let you know that yesterday I have been in the same farm and the situation was really changed. The temperature is still very high in Italy at the moment and the only thing different vs the past is a huge protocol on flies like you wrote"

Great job by Mattia and the farmer!

Joep Driessen

Thanks Peter, for your suggestions!

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