Case study: how do we prevent this cow from stepping out?

Have a look at this cows eating behaviour. We think moving the neck rail forward or push the feed maybe. What is your recommendation? Please share your thoughts!

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Marcos Gimenez Zapiola

First, I'd try moving down the top pipe just a couple of inches. If it doesnt' work, I'd move up the other pipe.
Definitely, I wouldn't move any of both pipes forward.
In any case, the feed is way too much spread away from the cows. They can't reach part of it except by stepping oustide. But once the cow learns to step outside, she will keep doing it even if the feed is within reach. That shows clearly in the video: the cow is eating sideways.

Nick J. Bell

Hi Joep. It looks like she's a dry cow pinching the lactating ration around a gate. She's perhaps doing this front leg thing to reach more, especially when she has none left. They will have to watch out for transition cow disease! Or am I mistaken? No others doing this in main group, although i agree they need more pushing up. I would start with more pushing up first before blocking cows with bar changes. Love the clips by the way!

Vuong Ngoc Long

Just raise the top pipe (on her neck) higher .

Neil Howie

Nice film, this cow is stepping through to eat feed which was not intended for her, the cows at the fence with the same feed are not stepping through, So what is different about the feed for the lame cow?It looks like it was put out at the same time, but did it have a different mix if it was first out of the feeder? Maybe less nice concentrates? Maybe she just misses eating with her buddies. Check those issues out, and push up the feed before changing what looks like a good feedfence design.

Muhammad Iftikhar Baloch

Hi Everybody, I seek your views about if the feeding table for is in slope I.e. Higher from the far end. It will not let the feed go out of reach of cows so the cows will not step out.

Joep Driessen

Thanks for all your thoughts everyone! Great to read what you think.

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