Calf taxi

Calf taxi

What do you think of this calf taxi?

We are looking for a solution that the calf can be out of the "dirty" straw yard/ calving yard, but still is in contact with the mother (for some hours?). Preferable she can lick the baby while you are milking her, just like in the ty-stalls. This will have huge impact on mother and babycalf health.

Can you send us more examples from your area?
Thank you for sharing your ideas with us and the cow loving world!!

Photo made on Dutch farm, by Jaap Brand, certified CowSignals trainer and veterinarian.

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Kent u dit product, gaat iets verder, men hoeft het kalf niet te tillen en men kan het ook vast zetten om te behandelen, ook kan men de hele buggy laten zakken zodat het met de bodem op de grond staat.

Ook van Holm & Laue

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