Beware heat stress - prepare now

Beware heat stress - prepare now

In Europe summer is coming and that means we have to watch out for heat stress. Like Atkins, Choi and Holmes state in their article 'Dairy cooling: The Benefits and Strategies':

"Heat stress adversely affects dairy cows in a variety of ways. A cow suffering from heat stress, for example, produces less milk, conceives less often, and is at a greater risk of contracting a range of debilitating and even deadly diseases... In periods of extreme heat, the resultant heat stress has even led directly to animal deaths. During a 2006 heat wave in California,25,000 cattle perished. In 2010, economic losses resulting from heat stress were estimated to be $1.2 billion across the entire US dairy sector, an average of $39,000 per dairy."

Heat stress can cause serious problems and it is important to prepare now. In their article, the researched summarize the benefits and strategies of dairy cooling.
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Source: Univeristy of Wisconson-Madison

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