Become a great advisor and trainer

Become a great advisor and trainer

Master all 5 skills that define a great advisor:

  • Have the best interest of the farmer and the cows at heart
  • Understand cows
  • Understand elements outside your area of expertise
  • Have the ability to make things practical and simple
  • Understand people


February 19-22 in Hongary (Russian spoken)
March 6-9 in Holland
June 5-8 in Holland

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This is a 4 day training program, with 50% focus on CowSignals and 50% focus on PeopleSignals. You learn to understand cows better and to see all the cow signals. You get an understanding of all factors involved in dairy management: health, management, housing, feed and economics. We give you evidence based knowledge with practical solutions from the best farms from over 60 countries. We also teach you to understand people and to read the people signals. We teach you to listen and to ask the right questions. We show you how to effect real change with farmers.

After taking this course you can do CowSignals advisories, lectures and workshops yourself. Especially working with a group will bring you huge benefits: we see farmers take the biggest steps if they can learn from each other as well. Our trainers have also been very excited about this: it’s a fun and valuable way to have contact with 10 clients in one day. It’s also a great way to attract new clients.

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Unlike humans, the structure of cow stomach varies and that is the reason why it is counted to be four. More Info:

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