Barn with a walk-out. Dominant cow stops other cows from exiting

Here we have an interesting situation going on. Barn is designed with a walk out, so cows can go in and out freely. However, here we have a dominant cow that stops right at the entrance and hence stops all the other cows from going out. What can we do about this? Please let us know your thoughts!

The farm we see here is a Vetvice dairy logix robot barn design. Inside the cows can feed and rest. Outside they have a lot of space and plenty of shadow because of the trees. 8 months a year the cows can calf outside, like you see in this video. For the other 4 à 5 months they have a stress free calving line inside. Very nice farm!

More info on Vetvice barn design you can find here.

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William Sherrard

They need two exits from the barn to the field?

Toby Mottram

See Prescott & Mottram about motivation to attend milking, feeding after milking is much better to pull cows through and away from the robot. Feed beats every other motivation for a cow.
Prescott, N.B., Mottram, T.T., Webster, A.J.F. Effect of food type and location on the attendance to an automatic milking system by dairy cows and the effect of feeding during milking on their behaviour and milking characteristics. Anim. Sci. 1998;67:183–193.

A more recent paper is here

Skip Blake

Place a high gate in the center of the walk out. cows can then pass by boss cow. The only need about 3 feet or a meter for a walk through. Be sure gate is high enough she cant put head over and bars are close enough together she can't put head through.

Joep Driessen

Hi Everyone, thanks for your good suggestions!

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