Alternative dairy calf rearing.

Listen to the specialist: alternative dairy calf rearing. 2x per day 45 minutes together.
50 cow organic farm Germany Hof Kloster See.

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How do they get they calf to leave their mother when the 45 min is over and how old are they when they stop eating milk?


My relatives in Germany had just implemented this system two years ago when I visited. At that time it was noted the calves seemed to thrive more as there was greater monitoring of intake, and alerts associated with those who did not drink sufficient milk. I wonder what effect this system has on decreasing scours?

Tim Gibson

we used to be told that doing this makes the cow try to "save" milk when she is being milked for the excess milk, she does it to later let down for her calf so the milk yield is affected?
It would be a great system if it can work, combined with a stress free calving line, it does the calf feeding work also. How about distress for the cow / calf when they are split?

Joep Driessen

It seems to work really well.
Splitting up daily is easy. They get used to it. Also after 3 months they will be split.
Some of our 20? Dutch herds doing this have a family herd, were3 month opd calves can still have visual and over the fence contact with the dairy herd, so never split up.

Majority could try our new method: max 3 hours face to face contact: power of nature approach : see youngstock signals video learning!

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