Agribrand Purina Canada is an excellent CowSignals company!

Barry Sutherland from Agribrands Purina explains how he uses CowSignals to improve his company. Purina has 15 employees that are CowSignals master trainers and already did 180 CowSignals workshops for their clients.

"With CowSignals we show that we care. We want to become a partner and help dairy managers enhance their operation and improve animal welfare"

"CowSignals is the foundation of what consumers expect from our producers. Now we are the CowSignals Company in Canada. What you have to do is to use CowSignals as a tool to gain thrust. We show farmers that we can help them as a partner".

Purina shows that you can use CowSignals effectively as a marketing tool to increase sales. Implement it in your marketing strategy and also make it your own: "We made CowSignals also FeedingSignals as well".

A job well done and very inspiring for the rest of us!

CowSignals profile page of Barry Sutherland >>

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Mark Hallett

Congratulations, great work!

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