A look inside the AlRawabi dairy company

Recently, National Geographic featured an item about a CowSignals® trained dairy company: AlRawabi in Dubai.
We are very happy to work with them, because they are all about animal welfare and sustainability: Al Rawabi Dairy has been certified by Dubai Municipality for 'Excellence in Animal Welfare' as well as the Government of the UAE for ‘Best Environmental Practices’. The company has been awarded 3 times by Agra ME Association for Best Dairy Innovations and is the recipient of the Mother Baby & Child Award voted by Mothers in the UAE.
It's great to get a look inside this organisation!

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For sure they have many constraints, and it is amazing how they are managing such big number of animals in one (indeed large) place.
Still, they should recognize that they have "a big friend" which is the dry atmosphere, keeping faraway many pathogens, they are dealing with less manure (without water), and with much small weather variation comparing with other places.

Joep Driessen

Very true, every environment comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

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