6 tips on our 6 most popular subjects

6 tips on our 6 most popular subjects

In June we will be organizing 6 open day trainings with our 6 most popular subjects. As a preview, we have a tip on each subject for you in this blog!

Day trainings are for:

  • Farmers, feed advisors, vets, barn designers and fertility experts who want to know more in depth about a specific subject.
  • Advisors that really want to help farmers recognize and solve underlying problems.
  • Everyone that wants to have a fun and informative day with interesting people from other countries and excellent food.

1: CowSignals (June 7)

Why is this cow sitting like a dog?
Learn to recognize all cow signals.

CowSignals is about:

  • No more disease
  • From 3 to 5 lactations average
  • More income and working pleasure for farmers

2: Stress-free stockmanship (June 8)

Keep it safe!
Stairs are a big risk area and it only works with stress-free stockmanship.

Stress-free stockmanship is about:

  • Less accidents
  • Less lameness
  • Moving cows efficient and easily

3. Feeding Signals (June 9)

Add a magnet to your mixer wagon
Look what this farmer found!

Feeding Signals is about:

  • Feeding a quality ration
  • Effect of housing and management on feed intake
  • Prevent rumen acidosis

4. Hoof Signals (June 13)

Do you like ladies with high heels?
There should be at least 3 cm between skin and floor.

Hoof Signals is about:

  • Prevent lameness
  • The right treatment
  • Minimalize pressure

5. YoungStock Signals (June 14)

Put feed on the newborn calfamazing_tip_for_calving_farmer_puts_feed_on_newborn_baby2.JPG
Mazimize feed intake for minimimal disease.

Youngstock Signals is about:

  • Control (health) risks
  • Raise healthy and robust heifers
  • Rearing à 3 cent/liter milk instead of 5 cent/liter milk

6. Fertility Signals (June 15)

Bleeding off signals
This signal means: check for heat and inseminate in 19-20 days.

Fertility Signals is about:

  • Is she coming in heat?
  • Is she seen in heat?
  • Is she pregnant?

Hope you like our tips!
What are your best tips on these subjects? Please share them below!

PS: You can still sign up for the open day trainings. Just send an e-mail to info@cowsignals.com with the day(s) that you like to join.
More info in our brochure.

Open day trainings June 2017

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