5 tests to assess your herd's welfare and comfort

5 tests to assess your herd's welfare and comfort

Great article in Farmers Weekly by our own master trainer Owen Atkinson.

Farmers and stock workers can trick themselves into thinking everything is satisfactory in the cow shed but cows don’t lie. Veterinarian and CowSignals instructor Owen Atkinson of Dairy Veterinary Consultancy explores five techniques to assessing cow comfort at herd level.

As part of the AHDB’s optimal dairy systems initiative, Owen Atkinson and other CowSignals instructors have been reminding dairy operators running housed herds on how to assess whether cows are comfortable.

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Dr imtiaz

Thanks a lot joep.

Mark Hallett

Great article, especially about the number of chews per cud.

Lucy Mwaura

I like this... The muck should drop like a hand clap not a laud of applause. It's so practical.

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