30% reduction of methane exhaust in the dairy industry is possible

This year, Tjeu Duifhuizen conducted a research for us, to see how we can reduce methane exhaust in the dairy sector. From the calculation, it can be concluded that a methane reduction of 32,78% can be realized, by going from 2,5 to 5 lacations and from 27 to 23 months for first calving age. In the Netherlands, where the average lacatation is already 3,4 there can be a reduction of 28,23% If a reduction of 32,78% worldwide can be realized in dairy farming, it means an reduction of 3,5% of the total methane emissions in the world.

Let's go for sustainability together. Going from 2,5 to 5 lactations is possible, you just have to pay attention to all cow signals. Take care of all the basic needs and your cows will live a longer life with a higher production. Watch the video on top of this page for inspiration. Going from 27 to 23 months first calving age is also possible, by doing everyhting right in calf rearing. We can teach you that in YoungStock Signals.

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Download the summary of Tjeu's research

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