1o o'clock coffee break = CowSignals Coffee break

1o o'clock coffee break = CowSignals Coffee break

Elevate your team performance in just 5 minutes a week

  • Every monday morning at 10 o'-clock, your staff has a short coffee break
  • Use this moment to watch 5 minutes of CowSignals online video training, together on your farm
  • Then you have a whole week to chew on it and to think together in solutions for more health and welfare for farmer, staff and cows!!
  • Every monday new inspiration!

Wounds and lameness are painfull....
Do it for your cows and for YOUR WALLET

CowSignals training is very practical, cow based and independent.
Have more fun in the dairy shed!


Please let us know what you think, post your comment below. We love feedback, thanks!

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Joep driessen

Keep it simple: excellent idea.
Keep your self, your cows and your staff happy!


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Wishing you a best of luck my dear friend and hope you would continue the same motives in future.

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