15 hours of resting in straw yard!

15 hours of resting in straw yard!

Case study by Vetvice in Germany. We compared lying time of dry cows in an old stall with cublicles with a new straw yard.
Notice the 15 hours resting in straw yard! And only 10 hours in those poor cubicles!

Lying time dry cows: 9,6 hours per day.
Lying time in straw yard: 15,8 hours per day.
Lying time in new stall: 11,3 hours per day.
Goal: at least 14 hours per day.

Evaluation shows a lot of variation between cows. Dry cows are standing too many hours per day for sure.

More resting is more health! What do you do to make sure your cows get enough rest?

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